yes, surprise surprise, "I don't like the consistency." Or in this case, the lack thereof. Musical rant to follow, might as well tune out now if you're tone deaf. ;)

ok, I admire a good marketing campaign. It may not get me to buy your product, but at least I can appreciate the work that goes into it.

"ba da ba ba ba.... I'm lovin it"

It's become McD's new anthem. Which is perfectly fine; it's great to reinvent your image, and try to connect with the new generation. But can we be consistent about it?? PLEASE! I wouldn't even mind the change in keys with every commercial so much, but the change in moods has GOT to go. Sometimes minor, sometimes major, they don't even keep the same intervals for each version of the jingle.

I present Exhibit A. Let's overlook the tackiness that is the domain name. Not to mention the absurdity of linking Mcdonald's, an American icon, with a need to subdivide us by ethnicity. But wait, that's a whole 'nother tirade.

Anyhow, if you open up the link, you should hear E-F#-G-B-A for the ba da ba section. Let's break this down: whole step up, half step up, major third up, whole step down.

Next, Exhibit B. The notes for this version, A-B-C-A'-G. so you've got: whole step up, half step up, major sixth up, whole step down. The UK mixes it up in Exhibit C with C-D-E-A-G: whole step up, whole step up, fourth up, whole step down.

I'm getting tired of searching for more links to audio samples (they seem to be well hidden), but I think you get my point. Next time you see a McD's commercial or hear one on the radio, I can almost guarantee that it'll be different from the last version.

I know I'm alone in my neurosis to notice this, or more specifically: care. But unfortunately, I do, and it's ruined the entire campaign for me. Ah well, I'm sure Coke or someone will have something coming along soon.


George said...

Totally agree Exhibit C is different than A & B. But I hear B as the same as A with a harmony part that you describe. Seems that someone is definitely playing on melody, melody + harmony, harmony + harmony' only (no melody) in trying to keep the sound "fresh".

Coming from a person who hates PMs (pointless modulations), I totally agree. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I know that I often like to harmonize when I sing with my favorite friends in the car (Mayer, Buffett, TMBG, Branch)...

But I must also say that there are formulas to their songs...you know, like, chords? So, while I probably often choose the wrong notes, I can TELL they are wrong!

Maybe McD's is trying to make singers of all levels of experience happy. Like, choose a jingle with a fixed rhythm but without fixed chords or melody, and you get EVERYONE singing your song! Hell, what ISN'T your song at this point? EVERYTHING IS! And then you copyright this song (per se), and now you get royalties from everybody that picks up an instrument!


sangeet said...

George, you're right, in my insomniac state, I completely missed hearing the lower melody part on Exhibit B. I stand corrected, those two are the same. But my point remains, I'll have to dig up other examples of different PM's ;)

Mr. Anonymous, how perfectly timed, your quip about Microsoft. lol. I agree, I think they want it to be the jingle for everyman! Come, "sing" the words with us, we don't care what notes! Just remember the the happy feeling....

pandabear78 said...

You are absolutely right about this. I can't believe how upset I am now - I think I need to go have a milkshake now. =o)

Anonymous said...

Well you can choose to keep in touch or not...I plan on keeping in touch with you. ;-) I mean, I feel it's important to have a friendly face within 3 hours drive at all times. I've already saved up money for one full year's worth of tuition...by the time I'm up there I should have 3 semesters and after my year living for in state...maybe 2 or 2.5 years...I won't need a large loan at all...and then you'll have a Ph.D nearby. -Me

sangeet said...

pandabear, mock all you want. I would have thought you'd understand my suffering. hmph. ;)

Mr. Anonymous #2, you're the high schoool friend that sparked the whole nostalgia thing, so... :) although I dunno... you did comment on an unrelated post....

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this melodic inconsistency!

Of course, the whole campaign (I almost wrote "as a whole" -- ack, redundancy!) has annoyed me from the beginning, so it's not like the music was going to make or break it for me.


Anonymous said...

So it is just one note away from Polytonality and complete Pandemonium!! or a chromatic scale, always got those two confused. Any way it is McD's, and it is annoying. Keep up the Fight