So, I'm no Ansel Adams, but I took this last night and thought it turned out nice. I tried fiddling with the filters, b/w, sepia, etc, but I decided full color is the most eye-catching.

Alright enough procrastination for tonight...


Anonymous said...

Pretty! Picked a good 2-pt. perspective angle on the glass : ) Only complaint is the effect the flash made.

But it beats most of what came out of my last 2 rolls!

Corey Michael Mayo said...

I'm no photography expert, but I think it looks pretty nice, too. Just remember the only difference between a pro and an amateur is the handing over of a picture of a dead president.

sangeet said...

yeah, I agree, the flash looks bad, but I didn't know what to do to avoid it, apart from setting up a separate light source, which I was not about to do ;)

Corey, thanks, wow, first time I've gotten a comment from someone I didn't know.