judgy von-holier-than-thou

What's the deal with the phrase "reserve judgement?" As soon as I read it, I immediately start judging. I can't help it. It's like when your friend tells you not to look at the hot guy at the next table. What do you do? Of course, whip around as fast as you can to check him out. Anyhow, if someone tells me to reserve judgement, it usually means that I'm already pre-disposed to judge the topic in question, and will likely ignore any efforts to distract me. Or, the topic is truly worthy of derision and they're just bracing me for the worst, trying to butter up what paltry pros that may exist. In any event, it's a superfluous expression, and I'm hereby starting the petition to remove it from our collective phraseology.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard that phrase, but I would surely never use it. I can see people saying "here me out" or "listen to the WHOLE story first." But "reserve judgement" is like saying "now turn your brain off," or "just listen to ME talk."

This post is from Joey, the ever-so-elusive anonymous blog commenter.

Anonymous said...

Wow sweety....you should have sent me to the dc vocals site sooner...I got bored and checked it out, and then checked out the sample of your solo at the bottom...I'm seriously considering buying the cd to hear the rest. You never cease to amaze, and I'm sure you're going to keep it up. See you soon-ish I hope. -Derek ;-)