After an IM conversation with an old high school buddy tonight, I got to reminiscing about the various people that have been in my life. In high school, I lived in a bubble world where I saw everyone I was friends with every day, and everyone lived no more than 15 minutes away from anyone else. Hence, the thought that we would ever drift apart just never occurred to me.

Moving to college, I don't know why I didn't keep in touch, I guess I thought it was too much work? It was so much easier to let myself get sucked into the immediacy of my daily life, and let those friendships fall by the wayside. A few years after college, I feel that I've done a better job the second time around. But tonight was about remembering high school friends.

So I went on a dig. I would normally say an archeological dig, but since I was using the internet, what I found was very much in the present. I don't know what I expected, that these people would have ceased to exist merely because I was no longer in contact with them? How incredibly self-centered of me. And yet, when google came back with not just search results, but in some cases blogs with entries as recent as this morning, it took me by surprise.

I want to reach out and re-introduce myself, ask if I can be allowed back into their lives. And yet, I'm hesitant. What would I say? :) Doesn't look like I learned much in college after all.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's an awesome idea as one of those "old high school friends," especially since I'll be in DC soon, and it'll be great to know more than just one or two friends from university who happen to live in town. It'll be nice to catch up!


Anonymous said...


This is so weird! All of a sudden, after 6+ years, you pop up and it's right after I've posted an old high school picture on my blog! Wow. Synchronicity and all that.

Anyway, hey, it's great to hear from you. And looky looky, you have a blog. ;) I'm going to link to you from mine. We will definitely be looking you up in DC. I'll be there Feb. 11th-15th. I hope we can all get together!


sangeet said...

hey chicas, don't you remember? Great Minds Think Alike. :) looking forward to our reunion!