So good ol Dubya was sworn in again today (technically yesterday, but whatever, the day doesn't end till I go to bed dammit!).

The festivities started the night before. Stuck at work late because the traffic refused to move due to the inch of snow* on the ground, a few coworkers and I watched unexpected fireworks from the office window. Apparently the inauguration was cause to bring out four different launching locations for the fireworks, all over the river. It was a great view, but there was something unnerving about seeing green 'W' fireworks. I'm not making this up, these were more elaborate than the ones on the 4th of July.

Living within a 7 minute drive from work (yes, i've timed it, its exactly 7 ;) ), I often extol the virtues of my neighborhood. Today, however, the people that be decided to shut down the only direct routes from my place to work. Something about security or the inauguration parade or something... Anyhow, I decided the metro would be the best thing to do. It turned out to be a fairly easy commute since most of the govt people were off today (tough 3 day week). The train was mainly full of tourists and men in uniform, both headed to the inauguration. On the way back home this evening, it was the oddest sight. From every direction I saw men in tuxes and women in formalwear. It took me a few moments to realize they must be headed to one of the many balls tonight. I guess I just normally picture formally attired people to be stepping out of fancy cars and/or limos, not schlepping it in the metro with the rest of us commoners. Apparently there were 9 official inaugural balls held tonight. And according to the news, Dubya made it to all of them and was back to the White House by 11pm. The man obviously knows how to party hop.

All in all it was an interesting experience to be so close to the main event. Or at least much closer than I have been and will likely ever be. I never really knew there was more to it than the swearing in at midday.

*It snowed it snowed it snowed!! :) I was super excited about this until I drove home in the brown sludge that made me waste 45 minutes. Still, I look forward to the next time it snows. On a weekend night. Once I'm already where I want to be. :)

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