Last night I carved my first pumpkin. Pumpkin guts aside, it was quite the experience. Check out my handiwork in the picture. I'd make you guess, but since there's really no way to know, its the one on the bottom row, sandwiched between the witch and the cat. Not too bad, eh?

Speaking of halloween, I finally went and picked up a costume today. If you, like me, thought that one week in advance would be early enough to avoid the crowds, boy, would you be sorely mistaken.

I could already see that I was in for a long afternoon when I got the parking lot and had to do my favorite stalk-the-customer-as-she-leaves-and-pounce-on-her-spot-before-anyone-else-has-the-chance maneuver. Once inside, 20 minutes later, I wasn't much better off. Throngs of people were peering up at the walls where pictures of costumes were displayed while employees used their walkie talkies to bark numbers at each other in an effort to procure your desired costume for you in record time. Including the time spent in the parking lot, in the line for the fitting room, and finally in the line to give the store my money, I spent about 3 hours of my life on this year's halloween garb decision. Not including, of course, the two other trips I had already made earlier this month, only to return empty handed because I was "certain that I could come up with something better."

This is what I finally came home with. Admittedly, I won't look half as cute as the model in it, but I was tired and it met my requirements: cute, comfortable, and relatively non-slutty. For those of you that see me in it, please pretend you don't see my stomach sticking out. :)


Danny said...

uhm...yeah...was I supposed to get a costume already? Oops. Nice start on the blog. I'll put up a link over to you from bloglines...Not that anyone reads what I post!

sangeet said...

its okay, its not like people read this either. :) But I have to say, I'm trying to read yours, I'm just poker-illiterate.