Well, I wrote in an earlier post that I hadn't been following the debates at all. Since I had a free night tonight, I decided that I ought to actually pay closer attention to what each of the two men who hope to lead this country for the next four years have to say during their final debate. Especially since I'd like to make an informed decision (okay, as much as possible).

For some reason, I don't remember the debates from 2000 being so structured and formatted like a school competition like the one tonight. I'm sure I watched portions of them, but they seemed rather haphazard. Again, that may just be my selective memory. Regardless, I thought tonight's "show" was just that. Both candidates had a couple of zingers up their sleeves that you could tell they were just waiting to unload given the right provocation. How about Kerry's attempt to tie in pop culture with the Tony Soprano line? So strange to me. Tonight's was the last debate ever for Bush no matter what the outcome of the election is and I'm sure he's relieved.

Following the debate there was a commercial for a local candidate which made me realize that I don't even know the names of any of the candidates for the local government. Oops. How bad is that? I guess all the media is so caught up with the presidential election, the local candidates don't get nearly as much face time. So I'm resolving to learn a little more about what's going on here before November. I'll probably post again closer to the election about how I still don't know any more than I do today, but oh well. :) At least I'm trying.

Any people from Pirates reading this? The title? get it? sometimes i crack myself up.. really...

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