Long weekends are truly a beautiful thing. Columbus Day weekend is actually one of my favorites. It's not centered around any religious holiday, and therefore there's no pressure for people to make crazy travel arrangements to see family. It's soon after Labor Day, and right around the time people are thinking of what they'll do for Thanksgiving this year, so the weekend creeps on you. It's almost like there's an extra day built in, just to reward you for all regular sized weekends that you've had to deal with during the year, and this time you can just enjoy the 3 days guilt-free.

At least, that's how I think of it.

The weekend's been fun, and it's unfortunate it's drawing to a close, but I suppose it had to happen sometime. The weather has been beautiful, and therefore my mood has been positive (Have I not talked about my direct link to the weather? Remind me to do that sometime.). Went to a football game on Saturday and had a fantastic time, especiallly because our team, the underdog, won. At the risk of sounding too much like a "typical girl", no relaxing weekend is complete without shopping, and so I came home with several bags. Throw in some excellent food and you've got most of my weekend. :)

It's turning to fall now, and I have to say I don't mind. Every time the seasons change, it's like I have a fresh start. I've been procrastinating my applications all summer, so now I can tell myself that I really need to get cracking on them because it's fall. Speaking of which...

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