Alright, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've kind of been living under a rock as far as the election. Somehow, I've missed both debates thus far, and I have a strong suspicion that I'm not going to want to spend my Friday night watching tomorrow's debate either. Oh well, its not like I expected the debates to really change my vote.

Is it just me or does Kerry really have a odd shaped head? Its extremely long, and his high hair doesn't help matters. He reminds me of someone, though I can't quite figure out who.

Have you seen how cnn has a complete election section on their website? Its great for people like me, Its got all these comparison tables and charts as if I'm comparing two models of a camera. There's even a section called "fun facts" through which I learn that John Kerry's favorite movie of the past year was Old School. I kid you not. Alright, fine, he's a guy, I'll overlook that minor detail. Unfortunately, our current president's page doesn't even have a fun facts link. I was all set to make my choice based on who had the cooler first car (a VW Bug for Kerry), but alas, my dream will remain unfulfilled.


Irwin said...

Hey lady, hope all's well, caught you're site from Scott's (where you can discover mine as well). And yes, his head is shaped oddly. :)

sangeet said...

Irwando!! :) man, this is great, people actually read this! good to see ya, now when am I actually gonna see you in person?