Well, turns out I missed my bloggiversary. Oops!

Instead, as a followup to last year, I present the results of my second lifetime pumpkin carving attempt.

pumpkins round 2

Happy Halloween!


inajamaica said...

They look great!

Amber said...

Beautiful! I am impressed! :)

Anonymous said...

dood ! we bought the same carving book, i mean art set for adults. i did the witch holding the pumpking b/c it was ranked EASY. nice work taking the tough ones on that spider rocks!!!

Niki said...

You are way too talented, my friend.

sangeet said...

Oh dear. I have led you all astray. I didn't carve ALL of those. That would be one fun night o' pumpkin guts though. :)

If you click on the picture, there's a note showing which one is mine... Hint, it's NOT the spider.