Okay, according to peekay I really have to post now, or suffer the consequences. :) I'll spare you the usual drivel: It's been a long time, I've meant to post, I haven't, oh well.

So, first post back, big shoes to fill...

Let's start with an easy one...

So I'm sitting in one of my business school classes, and we're analyzing Microsoft from a company strategy point of view. We're in groups of three, and so far we've talked about company culture, history, goals, etc. After discussing their products, we're about to move on, when one girl pipes up quite excitedly.

Her: "Wait wait, what about iPods?"
Me: "What about them?"
Her: "Well, why hasn't anyone mentioned them?"
Me: "Because they're not made by Microsoft?"
Her: "Aren't they made by Apple?"
Me: "Yes...."
Her: "Isn't that the same thing as Microsoft?"

Oh how I wish I could make this stuff up.


PeeKay said...

yay! thanks for feeling the pressure, you have been missed and to return with a genius post! brilliant! btw- what color hair did miss you-say-apple-i-say-microsoft have? ya know, for scientific purposes only I need to know. miss ya!

inajamaica said...

When ignorance is humorous...

: ) Good to see a new entry!

Niki said...

And she's in business school?!