Does anyone out there still watch the Apprentice? This season's cast includes a young ambitious Indian woman. At the start of the season, I was intrigued. In four seasons, this was the first Indian person included on the show, and I was curious to see what she would make of herself. Fair or not, I felt she was representing Indian women all over America, since Indian women are still scarce in public American media. After watching the last two episodes, all I can say is EW. I hope I'm never associated with such arrogance, ego, and general repulsiveness. Disdain for others dripping from every word she said, she proceeded to blatantly lie about her religion of all things, just to get out of doing something she felt was too far beneath her Ivy league education. To you, Ms. Toral Mehta, I ask, just what were you thinking?? Do these types of shenanigans really work in your everyday life? What a major disappointment.

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inajamaica said...

...just proof that race is a socially constructed categorization. The casting crew for these reality TV shows have no problem finding moronic, self-enthralled go-getters in every flavor.

That does 2 things for me: 1 - convinces me of the equality of all humans, regardless of their history. 2 - reminds me of why I make an effort NOT to watch that show.