I hereby state that I am back in the blog world. I was a fool to ever leave; I recognize the error of my ways. I feel it's time to start sharing my thoughts again. You've been warned. :)

Speaking of errors, I found out recently that I've been mispronouncing the word 'mischievous'. My whole life, I spent 4 syllables on it when I only needed 3. So much time... wasted.

Speaking of wasting time, have you been visiting my flickr site? I've uploaded so many more pictures since the last post.

Exhibit A
minty fresh

Speaking of pictures, I've FINALLY entered the world of printing digital photography. My first order should arrive on Monday, I'm so excited! Although I've noticed... Shutterfly ALWAYS has a promotion going on. What's with that? Not that I'm complaining.

Speaking of complaining, I'm doing a lot less of it these days, because I'm singing again. And that is a wonderful thing.

Speaking of wonderful things, this post wasn't one of them, was it. Oh well.


ami said...

I've always noticed that you mispronounced that word - but it was just one of those things. Like how I say the word "umbrella" wrong - and you always make fun of it ;-)

Welcome back to the blogging world! And yay on finally getting some pictures printed :) Yes, shutterfly always has promotions, but they are never the ones that I need at the right time. Go figure.

Niki said...

Three syllables? You are messing with me! Don't destroy my world.

sangeet said...

UMbrella. hee.

Niki, sadly, I kid thee not.