On my daily route back home from school, I have to take a single lane road that's fairly curvy and gets backed up at rush hour. Today, like most days, I turned the corner, and waited as the snake of cars inched forward. I noticed that I was about to come up to the entrance for the bank on my right, and there was a string of cars trying to get out.

Car after car in front of me crept forward, without a single driver making room for those marooned in the bank's parking lot. Feeling the effects of the sunshine we've been having, I decided to be generous and let the mother in the silver minvan pull out in front of me.

As I passed the parking lot, I watched in my rearview mirror as the next 5 cars behind me each let someone out until the lot was empty. Who knows, those 5 drivers behind me might have let the cars out anyways, but I like to think that my example had a little something to do with it. :)

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