For those of you that still check, I'm not sure when this blog will inspire me next.  I mentioned a long time ago that these things seem to come in cycles.  Then, I talked about numbers and words.  Today, it is pictures.  

I have been spending more time at Flickr lately.  And thusly, more time with my camera, amateur as it is.  There is a lot of beauty out there waiting to be captured, and I have found myself staring at the works of so many strangers, completely captivated.

For now, keep watching there.  In time, the words will come back to me.

drip drop


Niki said...

Wet snow fencing is always good stuff. :)

pandabear78 said...

No need to rush the words...as we both know, I certainly never feel rushed to write anything. :)

inajamaica said...

Amatuer? That doesn't describe your hardware or your skill. You have an amazing eye (I've seen you Flickr work lately).

Good photographers can shoot with a web cam and come up with something beautiful.