purpley warmth
More than a year after starting it, I finished knitting this sweater around six weeks ago. But too much has been going on lately, and I'm just now getting around to photographing it, let alone think about wearing it.

Nevermind that it's now 90 degrees out, and not exactly cashmere wearing weather. Nevermind that the ribbon makes me feel like I'm wearing giftwrap, which isn't quite the intended effect. Nevermind that despite appearances, it turned out a bit large so I might never even wear it.

Oh well.  My first sweater, so I'm still proud.


ami said...

Congrats! I was wondering if you had ever finished it :) Sorry it didn't turn out like you wanted, but it's still VERY impressive !

Niki said...

I remember when that lovely sweater was just a ball of yarn. :) It looks lovely.

JC said...

Wow! You did it! It's gorgeous...at the very least, it's something to show off :)

Townn said...

kudos on the picture. I've been so impressed with the blooming photographer who has obviously suppressed throughout the years.