did anyone catch Last Comic Standing tonight? what was up with that?!! The theme of the night was a "roast" where they all made jokes that insulted Jay Mohr. Except none of them were funny! where's the talent in that, people? One guy actually just LISTED the things he didn't like about Jay. Not in a funny way, just a list that he read off an index card really really fast. Um, yeah. At that point, its not comedy, its just being mean. Plus the fact that these people were obvious incapable of focusing their thoughts, because not one of them actually stuck with Jay. They took pot shots at all the other comics, sometimes even the ones on their own team. I'm no expert, but, when you have to remind the audience to laugh after every "joke", maybe its time to rethink your routine...

wait a minute... i guess i'm the loser that sat there and watched it anyways... so, um, nice flood we're having, eh?

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