i spent a long time yesterday trying to decide what to name this entire blog. it seemed to me that the entire "success" of the blog hinged on whether i had chosen a sufficiently catchy moniker. i mean, this was my once chance to sum up my entire wit and intelligence and prove to my readers that they had stumbled upon something truly magnificient. of course, blogger didn't tell me whether or not i could later change this title, so for all i knew it was a binding decision, and one that i would have to live with for the rest. of. my. life.

talk about pressure.

i finally just went with what i've been feeling lately. that's what the creative geniuses always tell you, right? go with what you know... i know solitude. i'm not saying that to generate pity or sympathy. its just how things have been often in my life, and oddly enough to most people, it doesn't bother me as much as maybe it should.

anyhow, though i knew it wouldn't be unique, i made my choice and hit Next. And look, another life-altering decision! what template do i want?? fortunately, it said i could change it later, so i just picked one and moved on. Now that my blog is "perfect shiny and new"* i see that i can actually change the title if i so desire. damn you blogger, making me spend precious moments of my life contemplating a decision that was completely reversible!!

* if you know me, you know that i often burst into song when lyrics of a song are used in conversation. can anyone name the song that just popped in my mind from the quoted words?


jadam said...

If I'm not mistaken, it's 'I Will Buy You a New Life' from Everclear. It must be on the 'So Much for the Afterglow' album, as I only have the previous album ('Sparkle and Fade') and it's not on there... yeah, I'm a nerd.

sangeet said...

very nice. :) all i knew was the name of the song, and i wasn't even positive on that.