did anyone get in on the ipo? There was so much hoopla (what a great word) about it being available to the common man... I'm sure some people made a killing just doing a little swing trading within the first few days. I would have tried, but I think it happened right around the time when everything in my life was in a fog. Next thing I knew I was reading headlines about it being over.

I google people. Is that really such a bad thing? It seems harmless enough to me. the information is available to everyone, right? so what if am interested in you enough to want to learn more about you? its like a scavenger hunt. is this the same John Smith as the one I know? Ooh... I never saw a picture like this before... ;) you get the idea. I think most people would be flattered to know that they're being googled.

I don't quite understand why blogger is a part of google. It doesn't seem related to their main mission very well. I'm probably just missing something obscenely obvious. I did like the fact that I couldn't find this blog very easily just by doing a google search. :)

i want a google toolbar for safari. I like how its integrated and all, but I like a lot of the extra features that the toolbar provides.

How about that gmail? By the way, I have plenty of invites if anyone needs one. Just let me know. I'm not sure how I feel about the account yet, I just don't use it often enough. I found a program called gtray that will alert you when you have email.. I should really install that and start switching over.

Hard to believe that I started college without its existence, eh?


Scott L. Percy said...

Tell me about it. :) Make ya feel a bit old.

sangeet said...

*great big hug* good to see ya, scott :)