It's finally happened.

Old Navy's marketing department has finally broken my spirit. I actually enjoyed the last commercial I saw. It's a shame, I know. For years I've been saying that those ad guys need to be buried alive for subjecting America to their brand of so-perky-I-could-punch-it sense of humor. And yet, here I stand (or sit, as the case may be. I'm terribly lazy) admitting my defeat.

The collection of spots I'm referring to features a charming young bunch of holiday carolers. Only, this chipper group doesn't serenade us with beautiful verses of Lo How a Rose. Instead, through song, they remind a poor chap o' the week that he's behind on his holiday shopping for the 40 good friends in his life (ha!) and my, doesn't Old Navy have just the thing?

The voices clearly don't belong to the people pictured, but I still like it. You won, Old Navy. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to glue myself back to the tv to see if I can find the Hershey Kisses commercial I've enjoyed so much in years past. You know the one, 10 kisses in a pyramid, pretending they're handbells and chiming out We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Ah the holidays... :)


jadam said...

Ha, that's funny because I saw an Old Navy commercial just the other day that didn't make me want to throw something into my TV to make the bad images stop. And as you know, it's a pretty decent TV, what with the Atari noises when you turn it on or off. Good call also on the 'Lo', while it's not my favorite Christmas song per se, it's one of my favorites to sing because of the low low bass part in the arrangement we performed in Madrigals back in high school.

PS - excellent profile pic.

sangeet said...

Heh, I wonder if their focus groups have told them they're losing their touch. Please don't hurt the tv, mine has many a fan just for its video game tendencies. As far as christmas songs go, I have so many favorites, its hard to narrow it down to just one. You'd think I was christian or something. :) 'Lo' is definitely one of them because I enjoy singing it, and all harmonies to it. Hey speaking of bass lines... we're still looking! :) Can't blame a girl for trying, I guess.

PS - thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

I don't know D...It took me a while to settle down after watching those O.N. commercials with the kids excited about cutting grass & such.

I really enjoyed those! A few of them had players that seemed so sincere in their obviously fictional excitement!

Now if I can just get that excited about wisdom tooth extraction... : )

sangeet said...

just remember... baby food. gerber's dutch applesauce to be precise. that stuff is awesome!