I'm ba-ack!

So, yes, I've been noticeably absent for quite some time, but I feel like I have good excuses for the hibernation this time around. A lot has happened since my last post, so here's the quick summary:

The week after my last post - Final exams.
May 14 - Graduation! Woohoo, I have an MBA.
May 15 - Left for a 7 week trip to Europe visiting 8 countries.
This weekend - Moved.
Yesterday - Started my new job.

As you can see, things have been a little hectic, but hopefully I can get back to my blogging duties now. :)

I'll post again once I have pictures from the trip fully uploaded, but you can always check out flickr and facebook to see them before I'm done. (Bear with me, it's a long process...)

That's it for now, so far, I like my new town, as well as my new apartment. Come visit!

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ami said...

Congrats on your graduation and the new job =) I can't wait to see more of you pics!