Hi, I'm a songwriter, and it turns out I completely failed grade school where you learn how to spell words in the English language. Therefore, I'm going to make sure the world knows that now, as a supposed adult, that I can in fact spell. S-P-E-L-L. See? Just to make sure you get it (and also, because I'm an alarmingly lazy songwriter and can't think of better lyrics), I'll include the spelling as part of the song.

The first examples that come to mind:Notice 2 of the 5 examples come from Fergie... and as far as we can tell, she should go back to grade school. Honey, I don't care how delicious or whatever you are. There's still no 'E' in tasty.


Walk_n_wind said...

I 2nd this rant as I finish my bottle of Fuel Cafe.

It's one thing if misspellings are actually innovative or clever - actually, no it's not. People who misspell for attention remind me of ann coulter, we don't waste our precious time talking about them and we don't consider them proper nouns.

Niki said...

I love that you also noted the misspelling of "tasty." I said to my friend, "You know they are spelling that word wrong." His response, "They are?" [Sigh]