The sounds I hear in my new abode are certainly strange. As I type, I can hear my neighbor trying to find his favorite spot in his pre-recorded show. How do I know this? I can hear the telltale signs of Tivo. dooDOO dooDOO... DOOdoo.

Late at night, when I'm up desparately trying to read what feels like every last word known to man, I hear the crickets. I lived in a high rise for the last three years, and in the middle of a city for the 4 before that. Crickets haven't been in my audio repertoire for quite some time. But who am I to complain, I've always said I'm a sucker for being serenaded.

The strangest sound is the silence. The absolute only sound I can hear right now is the clicking of my keyboard. There is no computer hum, no airconditioner blasting, no traffic on the streets, no planes flying overhead. Nothing. Just me, my thoughts.

For now, the sounds of silence are beautiful. I'm happy here, and the peace I find at home is unparalleled.


Amber said...

:) We need to get together again!

sangeet said...

Verily, it is the truth.

pandabear78 said...

I've got a veritable army of crickets that are trying to invade my basement...I should just send them your way, right? =o)

duane said...

Wait till the cicada's chime in. They can be quite loud.