What I did on my summer vacation
by sangeet

As of the last post, I had just quit my job. For a few glorious days I just reveled in the freedom. No need to go to bed, no need to wake up in the morning, no need to do much of... anything. That freedom quickly turned into panic as I realized I needed to actually pack for my upcoming move, yet somehow I managed to spend time hanging out with friends rathen than packing. Jadam and I needed to watch more episdoes of 24 together, there was karaoke to be sung at the local gay bar, my roomate and I needed to have one more just girls night and on and on. The packing fairies would just come and take care of things, right?

Despite my state of nonpackedness (it's a word NOW), my best friend and I set off for Seattle on Friday morning. Leaving behind the stickiness that was DC, we arrived in sunny, breezy, Seattle midday to 0% humidity. My skin didn't even know what to make of this. We stayed with our gracious host Iriwn (Thanks again!!) and met up with George as well as other friends who don't have blogs and therefore shall remain nameless. Suffice to say, it was truly a great vacation, much thanks to our local friends who were wonderful tour guides. If you haven't been to Seattle, GO. Apparently, this is the time of year to go -- there was no rain, just gorgeous clear skies, delightful breezes, and a beautiful city to explore. Need more convincing? Did I mention we made it out to a place called Agua Verde for some kayaking (my first time), and then ate at the restaurant above, which overlooks the water? Live music, harp, violin, some sort of conga like drums, did I mention the yummy margaritas? Thanks Rachel Ray. :)

I came back fully recharged and met my folks for a quick trip to Atlantic City. We didn't come back any richer, nevertheless, it was some quality time as a family, and hey, they paid for my gambling ;)

Whoops, whaddya know, we're at my last weekend in DC. The girls and their men threw me a nice little going away party that Friday night. Unfortunately the festivities were cut short due to an ill-timed fire alarm, but it was probably for the best as I still had packing to finish up. The next day was inajamaica's wedding (such a wonderful, unique event, truly fitting), my last chance to hang out with some work friends. The following day was set to be moving day, but due to a snafu with UHAUL (raise your hand if you're surprised) things didn't start moving till many hours later than scheduled. Regardless, truly appreciated friends including pandabear came over to help load the truck. 11pm that night, I finally drove away from my apartment. Yeah, like I said... it was a LATE start.

Undaunted, we stopped driving at around 3AM, got a few hours of shuteye, and were ready to go the next morning. Got to my new complex JUST as the leasing office was closing, but in time to get my new keys. Woohoo!

I truly believe unpacking is more fun than packing. It's like opening a present with every box! Plus there's all sorts of new surroundings to be excited about. But the real excitement was on Tuesday. My brand new washer and dryer were delivered. I've never before had the luxury of having my own laundry facilities. The ability to leave my wet underthings in the washer an extra hour without fear of them being stolen, or worse taken out and put on top for all to see? Priceless.

Wednesday brought more unpacking, and then Thursday was a trip to my parents house. Friday, on my drive back, as that familiar and comforting skyline came into view, a funny feeling settled in my stomach. I had a new home. I felt a sharp pang of longing for DC.

And yet, it's good to be here. I got to have lunch with m@ber on Saturday, when was the last time I could do that?! That evening I attended a non official business school party, and I must say, I will have to work on my tolerance level. And that brings me to Sunday, the start of school. Don't ask me why, they decided to kick things off with a reception Sunday afternoon. This morning was my first full day of orientation, and I've gotta say, I'm excited. The overall enthusiasm that everyone has is simply infectious. I'm sure it's something that will fade with time, but it's a great way to kick off a return to homework, lectures, group projects and finals.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have dinner with Scott and another friend, after another full day of orientation. The rest of the week holds further promise, who knows what's around the corner. :)

I once told Taylor I hated long posts, and here I've just broken my own rule. So if you've made it thus far, you're caught up on my summer "break", it's time for Fall!


Amber said...

More blogging! Less not blogging!

When the new season of Desperate Housewives starts, you and I will have a standing Sunday night date each week.

I'm going to go collapse on my couch now.

Niki said...

I'm so excited for you! I'll have to come visit you and M@ber when I get the chance. :)

sangeet said...

Minor update for those who read comments. I purchased a Flickr account finally (yay! Flickr rocks!) and now I have enough room to upload pictures to my heart's content. So I present, pictures from Atlantic City.

Amber said...

Niki: get yer ass down here! We'll get schnockered!