Wow. I came home today to find my apartment cleaned out.

Don't panic, I wasn't robbed or anything. My roomate got married on Saturday night (yay! Congratulations!), and today was the last day of our lease together. She's been moving stuff out for a while now, but today it's different. Today, she left the keys.

It's just me again.

It's weird that this is hitting me today as much as it is. She's been slowly spending more and more time with her now-husband, so I've gotten used to having the place to myself, but I guess the presence of someone else's belongings serves as a reminder that someone else gets a say in what hangs on the walls or how loud you can play your music.

I just walked through the whole place. Her room is a completely blank, whitewashed, box of nothingness. Were it not for her handwritten note saying goodbye, you'd be hard pressed to tell she was ever here.

I'm going to miss having her as my roomate. There's just certain things you share with a roomate. The late night talks. Always having someone to check your outfit before you go out. The extra wardrobe. ;) The shared meals (that she cooked :)) over a weekly tv show. The impromptu shopping trips. The person you show off your purchases to. And in our case, the person you share the fact that you are the biggest dork with. :)

To risk sounding cliche, the list goes on and on. But for now, it's just me again.


Amber said...

Are you sure you don't want to be roommates? ;)

pandabear78 said...

You know what makes a great roommate? A hottub. I'm just saying.


sc said...

but thats only when you find a good roommate...

Binkner said...

... no one to annoyingly be home when you wish to be alone, no one to put something away in the wrong place so that you cannot find it. Yeah, I enjoy being roommateless for now. Nice to meet you at the wedding, DJ.

sangeet said...

well said everyone. :) sc, don't worry, there's only one Roomate. binkner, nice to meet you too! The picture you took turned out well.