So, I came home tonight and decided I was going to be lazy (ok, this is just my normal state) and warm up a frozen pizza for dinner. Sounds simple, right? Apparently microwave pizzas have become a lot more complicated since the last time I checked. I'm quoting excerpts directly from the box here:

Pull tear strip along edge of carton and peel back top of carton along perforations. Do NOT tear off the top of the carton. Fold top of carton around completely. Silver surface should be facing up, aligned with guide lines shown, creating a microwave crust crisping platform. (See Illustration)

What the...?? Since when did making a frozen meal require a college education? I bet that illustration used to be labeled Figure 5b. And you want to know the worst part? It took twice as long to cook than the box said. I mean all that engineering time they spent in designing the perfect "crust crisping platform" and they misjudged cooking time by at least half?

As Taylor would say, "Weak sauce."


pandabear78 said...

Hold on a second...you're supposed to cook those things?! Wouldn't that just make them less crunchy?


Niki said...

Well, it's a good thing you do have a college education. Otherwise, all you'd have is a frozen pizza and a trip down the street to Chipotle.

scohan said...

You have me checking your site more often, but alas! no new posts! Okay maybe you have me procrastinating my board studies and I'm looking for entertainment.