"I knew you'd cave."
"It's about time."
"You've gone over to the dark side."
"Just now? You??"

These were warm words I heard after I shared my news. Such encouraging friends I have.

But it was true, I'd been holding out for what seemed like months, employing my delayed gratification attitude to this just like anything else. My reasoning was simple, if I really wanted it, I would still want it later. If not, impulse averted. It's like the second set of ear piercings that I wanted when I was 16. My mother, wise woman that she is, said I wasn't allowed until I was 18, at which point, she'd no longer hold me back if I was still inclined. A mere matter of months later, they had lost their 'coolness' factor. Today, I'm happy with just the regular one set.

But this was no choice in self-mutilation. This was consumerism pure and simple. To buy or not to buy. Last night, it all came to a head. I finally gave in to the urges and threw caution to the wind...

I am now the happy owner of a 6GB silver ipod mini, the second generation with the famed 18hour battery life and all.

le mini

Ain't she purty? I'm pretty sure that's 90% of why I wanted an iPod so badly. Again, I'm a sucker for good marketing. Check out Apple's final words on the display. I thought they were a charming touch though I know they might start Round 3 of a debate at work :)


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Welcome to the club. Glad to have you here. :)

- Amber

Anonymous said...

Kinda like when they make you watch a 2 minute commercial before the movie (which you already payed for), telling you not to pirate movies.

Or like when you stick a DVD in your player before work just to watch that one music video that gets you going for the day...but you hafta sit and wait for 60+ seconds for the FBI to tell you, you honest consumer you, not to duplicate what you are about to see.

So we ought to thank Apple for being weary of their own customers...for reminding us, just like hoodlums handing out in the gutter, that we really shouldn't steal.

But that rant aside, congrats on the quicksilver : ) I doubt you'll be disappointed, warnings & forewords aside!


Niki said...

Congratulations, proud Mama! It's purdy, and I'm jealous you got the new one with the longer battery life. :)

I am happy to report that Kijani, while not as advanced as yours, is on his way home to me after his sickly behavior. Hopefully he'll be here before I return to DC.

pandabear78 said...

I'm not certain there's not a certain parallel with self-mutilation to be drawn here... =o)

That said, as a technogeek I'm never opposed to elegant new gadgetry, and this certainly qualifies. I'm still personally holding out for the miniaturization to reach a point where the device can be inserted directly into an inner ear, and then I can just walk around screaming at the top of my lungs and head-bobbing in public. Which would be exactly like it is now, except people wouldn't ask me about medication.